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Join me, and I will show you how to get cracking Writing YOUR Magnificent Book 
within the next 4 weeks – even if you…

• don't have a clue about writing or publishing,
• don't feel confident,
• or have been putting it off.

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Dear Aspiring Author,

Your book is important. It's important for many reasons – it's an expression of you and what inspires you; it's an opportunity to be of service to far more people than you might ever meet in person; and it's the way to be seen and recognised as a leader in your field. (After all, the root of the word 'authority' is 'author'.)

You've been nurturing an idea for a while – maybe you've already started writing or even just jotting ideas... but somehow the book keeps coming last on your list of priorities.

• Perhaps questions or doubts about the writing process or your ability are holding you back...

• Maybe you're not sure how to get started or how to channel all of your ideas into a powerful, streamlined message… 

• Or perhaps the whole book-publishing issue is lurking out there in the 'great unknown' and you'd appreciate someone explaining how it works...

I would love to guide you through the maze!

If you decide to join me, I'm inviting you into a 4 week program in which we will: 

1. Bust the 'Talent Myth'! (in one easy step)

2. Uncover the keys to Effortless, Impactful Writing (I'll share 3 practical tools with you for overcoming writer's block, and 3 practical tools for making your writing truly powerful)

3. Explore various approaches to structuring your book (and your time)

4. Demystify the book publishing industry and look at the options available to you (and I'll warn you about some traps for the unwary...)

5. Welcome you into a like-minded community, where others are also working on their books, so that you can support and challenge each other in realising this dream.

We'll do all of this through four weekly two-hour webinars and between-class writing tasks, and you'll be able to check in with me and the other aspiring writers in our private Facebook group where you can ask for help and celebrate successes.

At the end of the 4 weeks you'll be confident and clear about what you need to do to advance your book, and how to do it, and you'll have made a start or significantly progressed your project. You'll have learnt, laughed, shared, listened, and will be well on your way.

Why work with me? I've been writing since I was seven years old – I love writing with every cell of my body, especially fiction! I've published four books as well as multiple articles and short stories and an ebook collection of my articles and blogs; I've had several plays performed, have a song in development, and many more projects, both fiction and non-fiction, at various stages from planning to pre-publication. I've been teaching writing courses for twenty-eight years and utterly love encouraging others to master this art. If your book is in the self-help genre, I've been involved in that industry since I was a teenager. (I'm the award-winning author of The Mastery Club® - See The Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible, a best-selling 'personal development novel' for the whole family.)

Let me guide you in bringing your important work into the world.

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Don't Take My Word For It!

Once upon a"Thank you. I have greatly enjoyed your inspiring teaching style. I have wanted to write a book for years and now have the tools and confidence to start." 

Felicity Slee

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"Inspiring. Rekindled a love of writing. Solved the problems I had with 'writer's block' insecurity. Am now planning to do some hard-core writing – something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before. Thank you."

Doovi Bell

I love writing"Full of gems. I think my approach to writing is totally changed, my perception of the writing process is different and I will enjoy the process more... The key points are very powerful. Thanks so much." 

Steve Durie

Here's Exactly What You'll Get during the 'Start Writing Your Book' Program.

  •  You'll unleash your creativity and free yourself of those 'self-doubt gremlins'

  •  You'll learn the secrets of successful writers  – how they keep readers turning pages and unable to put the book down...

  •  You'll discover the relationship between writing and self-worth (the power of this course goes way beyond mere writing)

  •  You'll learn practical principles and strategies for mapping out your project and chunking the writing process into manageable segments

  •  You'll make a start on writing your project, whether that means clarifying your core idea, drafting the book, getting those first chapters down, or simply reviving flagging enthusiasm – I'll work with you where you're 'at'

  •  And, as a thank you for participating, you'll have access to my 1:1 coaching service at a special price if you decide you'd like more focused attention on your work.

Still Not Sure?

I'm taking a leap into the new world of digital education, so if you leap with me, you'll get all of this for a fraction of the usual price while I pilot this program in webinar format. 

I'm super-wary of big claims and promises and little delivery of value, and I want you to leave my course a raving fan, so you can be sure I will be doing everything I can to delight you and meet your needs.

That's My Promise To You.

I look forward to supporting and challenging you in unlocking your story, skills and confidence, and getting started on your book! Join my 4-week 'Start Writing Your Book' program now at this special introductory price.

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Start Writing block

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