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Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Act on your dreams. Just Do It!

Writing Mastery was about learning the basics of masterful writing and building your confidence.

Writing IT is about committing to your own project. You’ll leave this course with either a completed short work or the beginning of a sustained piece of writing.

Join Liliane Grace again as you explore voice, style, character, plot development and more in greater depth and with huge dollops of enjoyment and fun!
✭    Practise your skills
✭    Have your writing workshopped in a respectful, encouraging environment
✭    Receive detailed feedback as you polish your stories
✭    More creative stimulation!

We’ll be focusing on fiction writing but this course will also be valuable for those wishing to write non-fiction.
NB. Writing Mastery is a pre-requisite.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest or for more information. The Coming Up! panel at left provides some information about upcoming scheduled programs.

Previous participants have commented:

“I really enjoyed your classes. You have a delightful, positive, non-judgmental way of presenting. You are also, apart from being experienced yourself, extremely well-informed about the writing/creative process. I felt very well supported by you and the group was quite relaxed - we need to feel safe if we are to expose these precious offsprings of our souls to others. I love your enthusiasm as well as your extremely practical, no-pretensions approach.”
– Allan Walker, writing short stories
Writing It has provided me with a safe haven to explore the craft of writing with like-minded, supportive people. The exercises have given me a wide range of tools to work with; the feedback is invaluable… One of the aspects I valued most was the accountability issue, which opened the doorway for me to approach the craft of writing with discipline… and the self-development journey through writing alone, is worth enrolling into the course for! Richly rewarding... I’d recommend any of Liliane’s courses.”
– Sheryn Gung, writing a novel
This course has definitely expanded my consciousness and choices. I have learnt so much more than I thought I would. Not only about writing but also about marketing and position, branding and distribution. I also got to share on such deep levels with the group. I learnt about relationships and have a a deeper understanding of myself and others. Because of your collective programs and astute teachings my entire family has been ramped up in confidence, self-expression and creativity. I thank you from the depths of my heart.”
– Frederick Krasey, general writing goals
I have found the course inspirational and it has provided me with a renewed strength, courage, vision. It has given me greater insight and ability with respect to writing! The ‘deadlines’ were invaluable. Your feedback each session has been welcomed and eagerly anticipated. I have now progressed my project significantly - it had been languishing for some time...”
– Sara Vidal, writing an autobiography/social commentary
I have so much enjoyed the creative environment you created through this course. I have always left feeling energised and happy and more determined to clear space in my life for writing. Your input has enlivened and informed me about the work involved in producing finished pieces. It has given me great encouragement to take it seriously. During the course several ideas have come to me, and I have started two projects.”
– Sheila Lamont-Stacey, exploring projects
My teacher has taught this old bloke about himself, and some of my core value systems.”
 – Barry Ponchard, writing children’s stories and short stories
The Writing It course for me has been a gradual experience of coming out of my corner of the world to be seen and heard. My goal was to write some short stories to get clearer about how ‘my book’ might look in terms of theme and form. I am well on my way.”
– Gabriella Armondo, writing autobiographical stories
Thank you for providing us with such a rich and safe environment in which to share and to grow. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad we’ve met. At the beginning of the course - ‘Writing It’ I wasn’t quite sure why I signed up, as I didn’t consider myself a writer nor did I have a project in mind. Now six months later, I am a different person as a result of it and am so glad I did. I have gained enough confidence to be able to express myself on paper - mainly for my own pleasure. I no longer worry about how it comes out. This freedom has given me clarity in my thinking as well as confidence in expressing myself verbally as well as on paper. If you feel that this is right for you - just do it, I am so glad I did.”
– Blazenka Krasey, general writing goals
I absolutely loved the course and would not change a thing!! Liliane is inspiring, supportive and a great teacher. The course was well structured and the materials given were very useful. I am now on my way to becoming an awesome writer! Thank you Liliane!”
 – Ellen Lung, writing an autobiography

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