The Mastery Club, Nina, See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible

Liliane Grace, creative writing, grow into your dreams, The Mastery Club

The award-winning novel that shows kids how to achieve their goals and dreams.

Let green-haired Nina and her 'Nuncle' show you how!

Give your kids empowering ideas about unlimited thinking, goal-setting, affirmations, visualisation, treasure maps and more in the form of a novel - and read it yourself!

Also available as an audio book in either USB thumb drive or downloadable formats.

"I only wish [The Mastery Club] had been on the reading list at my school; it would have changed my whole outlook and saved me from making some major mis-steps in life...
I applaud you on your ability to get the message across to children in such a relevant and engaging way."

- Denise Whitton, mother.

Why The Mastery Club?

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• The 1st 4 chapters of my personal development novel, The Mastery Club – empower young people via an entertaining story.

• A 10-page report on ‘Busting the Talent Myth and Overcoming Writer’s Block’ – write your own stuff.

• An article and strategy for ‘Transforming Bullying by Drilling Communication Skills in Schools’ – transform bullying at school / home / work.

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