Liliane Grace, creative writing, author, keynote speaker, The Mastery Club 

Liliane Grace, creative writing, grow into your dreams, The Mastery Club

The Inspiring Youth Video Series

Young people are full of vision, creativity and confidence! They naturally have dreams and goals and this video series gives you the opportunity to be inspired by those dreams and the practical actions they are taking to realise them.

Liliane interviews Breccia Demartini, international fashion designer and daughter of international behavioural specialist, author and speaker, Dr John Demartini, as part of The Mastery Club Inspiring Youth Video Series – July 2015

Liliane interviews Tamara Curran, who was diagnosed with Friedrich's Ataxia as a child and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was a teenager, but who continues to tackle life's experiences with vigour - including overseas travel, modeling, and even rock climbing. Strap in for an inspiring video/audio presentation. (Tamara speaks quite slowly as the disease has affected her speech, however she is well worth listening to if you want to be encouraged and inspired.

Be inspired by 16 year old Asher as he shares his dream of becoming a principal dancer with one of Europe's major ballet companies. He's on track...

Let 13 year old Jennifer inspire you with her goals to be an internationally renowned speaker and singer! She has recorded her own albums already, and applies Dr Demartini's principles in her own life on a daily basis – and she is leading a Mastery Club at her school...

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• The 1st 4 chapters of my personal development novel, The Mastery Club – empower young people via an entertaining story.

• A 10-page report on ‘Busting the Talent Myth and Overcoming Writer’s Block’ – write your own stuff.

• An article and strategy for ‘Transforming Bullying by Drilling Communication Skills in Schools’ – transform bullying at school / home / work.

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