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Hey Kids

Do you love stories about magic, wizards and magicians, spells, flying, invisibility, amazing powers...?

That's great for fantasy books, but what if you could do magic in YOUR life? Real magic.

The sort of magic that makes your dreams come true...

WHAT IF you could sail through school, have lots of friends and a great home life, and succeed at the things that are really important to YOU?

The greatest wizards in the world don't use wands; they use their minds and hearts to create magic.

Imagine being able to perform your own ‘real life magic' to create more of what you want…

The Mastery Club is about a group of friends on a quest to be all they can be and make their dreams come true. BE INSPIRED as you read what happens when they decide to learn about their potential and go after their dreams. Whether it's getting a new bike or making more friends, there are challenges, adventures and surprises ahead.

This is like owning a handbook for having a ‘real life' magical existence… and there is Nothing Else like it on this PLANET!

But don't just take my word for it - check out what the kids who've read it are saying:

I finished the book and it was really one of the best books that I’ve read in my life. Daddy and Mummy want to read it next. I am now visualising winning a scholarship to a high school I want to go to. [July 2006]

I am still visualising for that scholarship. In the meantime I have working on 3 other projects that I have now achieved. 1) our school has a buddy program and I used the Club to secure the buddy i wanted. 2) i got into the same class for next year as my best friend. 3) i also got onto the same house as my friend. [December 2007]
*STOP PRESS! Stephanie gained a scholarship to the secondary school of her choice! *


I learnt a lot. It’s the sort of book I could go back and read again. I can relate to all the lessons because they’re in story form.


This book is a wonderful story about discovering your own inner purposes and believing in yourself. Once I had begun this book I felt compelled to read it. I couldn’t put it down!

JESS WYNNE, age 14

The Mastery Club is a great book; once I started I couldn't put it down. It has encouraged me to set bigger and more important goals. I like the way important life goals are put into story form to make it easier to understand for younger readers. I have and will recommend this book to all my friends. The thing I learned was to keep visualising my goal even when it looks like it could never happen. This book is truly inspiring and I hope others enjoy reading it as much as I did. Thanks Liliane.


I'm looking forward to reading The Mastery Club again because there was so much to think about in it.


I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the bit about seeing the big picture.


The book makes me see a whole new side to things. The Mastery Club made me eager to read more. I will highly recommend it to my friends to read.


Well I don't know where to start! this book is fabulous in so many different ways. I have actually started a mastery club with my cousins and hopefully start with my friends. This book helps me alot because I have other freinds who are being really mean at the moment. As a matter of fact I have actually tried the visualising myself and its sort of working! Thanks for writing this book it has really helped! Oh and i really love Nina and her familly so much I wish that I was either Nina herself or Natalie! Nina because shes got cool hair and her names really cool, and Natalie, well, her coz shes best freinds with the quirky, fun loving, Mastery Club leader Nina!!!!


Hi Liliane, im doing a book presentation at school on your book The Mastery Club. I was hoping you'd be able to come to my school, Lane Cove Public, and give a talk so we can all hear about your book and ideas. I really loved your book and i'm already getting my friends to read it!


I just want to say how Fantastic Your Book is! I received it as a Gift from a Close family friend. I am only up to chapter 12 at the moment but i am thoroughly enjoying reading the story! I am a Junior Rowing athlete, and have heard about the visualisation techniques etc before but never really taken much notice. After reading the book so far it has inspired me to actually try the techniques! I have also extracted some of the quotes from the book as i am very much into those sorts of things, and i am sharing them with my coach who is a school principal and enjoys reading them too! i'll keep you updated with my thoughts! Well done on a fantastic book.



Nina says...

The Mastery Club, Nina, See the Invisible, Hear the Silent, Do the Impossible, Grow into your dreams

See the invisible

Hear the silent

Do the impossible