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Message from a School Principal

My twenty-seven years’ experience as a school principal, combined with studies in coaching and neuro-linguistic programming, have made me very interested in educational resources which assist students to develop personal mastery and achieve their goals.

Occasionally one comes across an exceptional resource that is applicable for both adults and children.

The Mastery Club is at the forefront of remarkable coaching and educational support materials in this category.

Whether you are a ten year old or an octogenarian, Liliane Grace has penned a story for you that is both entertaining and educational.

The Mastery Club is just as much at home in a classroom reading corner, on a library shelf, in a lounge room or on a bedside table. Speaking directly to both the conscious and the unconscious mind, it is a powerful and highly effective resource.

I invite you to make contact to find out how you can enhance your parenting, teaching, or coaching business using this remarkable resource.

Life Design International is delighted to provide this testimonial for Liliane and commends The Mastery Club to you.

Yours sincerely,
Earle Taylor
Australian Director, Your Leadership Unleashed Pty Ltd

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