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Liliane Grace, creative writing, grow into your dreams, The Mastery Club

Step 1. BRAINSTORM wildly!

Allow your mind to head off in all sorts of directions and imagine all sorts of even barely believable possibilities.  • What secretly cherished dreams do you have - what hobbies or interests would you like to indulge? Do you desire to launch your own business?
• How would you like your relationships with family and friends to be? 
• If you’re studying, what sort of results would you like to achieve?
• What is your ideal occupation? What would you LOVE to spend your day doing?
• Where would you like to travel or holiday? 
• Where would you like to live? What sort of house? 
• Write up a budget for your ideal life - so THAT’S the income you’re planning to attract!
• What else inspires you - is it to acquire items of beauty, to attend personal development courses that you’ve so far considered too expensive, to upgrade to a better car, to contribute generously to a cause that you believe in...?

Step 2: RECORD all of these inspiring ideas.

Dr John Demartini has been keeping record books of his visions and goals for YEARS. His books are thick and heavy tomes. He continually clarifies and crystallises his ideas.

Step 3: CHOOSE the most appealing items to focus on.

All of your desires will continue to percolate in your consciousness if you give them some attention and commit them to paper (or even computer file!), but life naturally follows priorities. What are YOUR priorities?

One universal law is that everything that comes to us does so ‘by right of consciousness’; which means that you will only attract what you resonate with, what you are in harmony with. That’s why two people can walk down the same street and one get mugged but not the other, or why two people can have a dream and one materialises it while the other just runs into problems or gives up. “First in mind, then in body (physical form).” Are you in resonating with ideas of prosperity and growth or with ideas of limitation and stuckness? We all run into challenges regularly, they’re a blessed part of life - but we don’t have to stay there!

Step 4: WRITE UP

a goal card or affirmation or mission statement or treasure map - in other words, put your priority desires into the form that inspires you, and saturate your consciousness with them. And then…

Step 5: TRUST

– these are Universal LAWS. The laws work, so if you're not getting results consider these points:
• Is your goal something that you truly value or have you taken on someone else's values?
• Is your goal within the realm of reason or are you fantasising? For example, wanting to be wealthy but not changing saving and spending habits keeps the wealth goal in the realm of fantasy. 
• Are you taking action on your goal? It's extremely rare for any goal to just land in your lap because that defeats the purpose of having a goal... which is actually to grow.

As Ralph Marston says, “The value of an ambitious goal is not measured by what it will bring to you. The worth of a goal is measured by what it will make of you in the process of following and attaining it… What matters is not how realistic or practical your objective may be, but how much it compels you to push beyond your limitations.” 

So be persistent and patient and trust Divine Timing... 

And remember that sometimes not getting what we want is actually better for us.