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The WHOLE News - September 2017

How Kindness Healed the Effects of Stroke

If you’d ever been sick, whether it was something dramatic like stroke or something as ordinary as the flu, you have probably found yourself wondering why this illness assailed you and how you can recover more quickly.
Clare CoffieldA few days ago I interviewed Clare Coffield, a Leadership Specialist and Empowerment Coach who experienced a stroke literally as she was speaking to an audience and writing on the whiteboard. She finished her presentation, sat down, and her body collapsed down one side.
Clare was rushed to hospital where they found she had had a near-fatal brain bleed. In the months that followed, she wondered what had caused this episode and came up with some very pertinent answers that  will probably resonate with you too – which is why I wanted to interview her.
She also had an insight as she observed how she interacted with her grandchildren that had a significant effect on the speed of her recovery. The key word is ‘kindness’.

You can watch the video here.

Link to ABC Radio Interview from No More Harm national conference

ABC Radio Qld usThe 'No More Harm' National Conference last Monday and Tuesday was a great success.

Some 200 delegates were stimulated by presentations regarding bullying in schools and the workplace. Speakers included government representatives and small business. I particularly enjoyed two workshops, one from the ex-teacher creator of Stymie, that offers an anonymous resource for students to share concerns about bullying, and another from the creators of Rebooting Education, that offers hands-on creative program for staff and students about emotional literacy. Other impactful presentations were about the impact of the Bystander Effect - there are some pretty sobering statistics in that regard.

I was honoured to be one of only three presenters to be chosen by ABC Radio Queensland for an interview.

My interviewer was Kelly Higgins-Devine, and she was clearly intrigued by my talk topic, 'Let's Bully On Purpose In Schools'. Kelly gave me plenty of opportunity to describe the universal laws that uphold my proposal, and to outline in some detail the strategy I have in mind. I'd like to salute my inspirations and mentors, Behavioural Specialist Dr John Demartini and Psychologist Ken Pierce, who is also co-author of The Dance of Bullying, a book that has played a significant role in developing my thinking in this area.

You can listen to the interview here

And tomorrow I speak with someone who heard the interview and is interested in bringing my program into the school where she works! If you'd like more information, just go to the free offers on the right hand side of this page. ->>>> 

Universal Laws Head To 'No Harm' Conference

The 'No More Harm' Conference is a national conference that focuses on bullying, harassing and discriminating behaviour solutions. I submitted an abstract to it earlier this year and was accepted, so this June I’ll be flying to Queensland to share my views on bullying and universal laws, and what we can do inside the school system to consciously work with those dynamics rather than be at their effect.
Other speakers include
* the Executive Director of Bully Zero Australia Foundation, 
* the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, 
* various speakers on workplace bullying,
* a lawyer speaking about the Royal Commission on institutional responses to child sexual abuse,
* speakers on gender-based male violence, Aboriginal violence, and bystander behaviour
* a behaviour specialist on changing the blame/victim mentality
* speakers on youth empowerment, leadership and the role of social media.
There will also be workshops and poster presentations.
If you’d like to learn more here’s the link: 
Dates are 26-27 June at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane. The whole program is now published.
Early Bird Registration ends TODAY, Friday 19 May. There’s a $120 saving if you book now at

Included in your registration is access to presenter podcasts and Book of Proceedings after the conference.

I’d love to see you there!
* the universal dynamic governing bullying
* how bullying serves us
* the opportunities for growth for all concerned
* the fallout in all relationships when we don’t develop better communication skills
* a strategy schools can adopt to support children in mastering communication skills so that we don’t need the extremes of bullying 
Here’s to creative solutions to better communication!

Strut Your Stuff in 2017

A message to you from me and Dr Rosemary McCallum:

Happy New Year to fabulous YOU! And what a year it is going to be!

If 2016 seemed a little hectic that was because it was a Universal 9 Year, which is all about endings so it was a crazy ride from beginning to end as things that needed to be ended, finished or tidied up kept rolling forth, swamping many people if they weren’t ready for it. Phew – it was an exhausting year!

But can I let you in on a secret about 2017?

This is a Universal 1 year a year of brand new beginnings, a wipe-the-slate-clean year and a start-to-create-a-life-of-choice year. How absolutely cool is that!

As we approach the end of January even more amazing energy emerges as The Year of the Rooster takes pride of place in the Chinese New Year calendar! Well, what the heck is that all about?

Jump on this link and get the low down on what a super amazing powerful year it is going to be.

I'll be there learning from Rosemary, and I hope we will have the pleasure of sharing the day with you too, so you get to see how Rooster will affect you personally and, more importantly, how you can use the energy of the Rooster to get clarity, industriousness and willingness to “Strut Your Stuff in 2017” – in this amazing Universal 1 Year of “Creativity & Confidence”!

On the day, we will look at how you integrate your personal number cycle so that you get a solid vision of who you want to BE in 2017 and how this will set YOU up for the next 9 years.

PS. Be smart like the Rooster and get in on the early bird special.

'Children teach us that love... is a kind of service'

‘Maturity means acknowledging that Romantic love might constitute only a narrow, and perhaps rather mean-minded, aspect of emotional life, one principally focused on a quest to find love rather than to give it; to be loved rather than to love.

'Children may end up being the unexpected teachers of people many times their age, to whom they offer - through their exhaustive dependence, egoism and vulnerability - an advanced education in a wholly new sort of love, on in which reciprocation is never jealously demanded or fractiously regretted and in which the true goal is nothing less than the transcendence of oneself for the sake of another. 

‘Children teach us that love is, in its purest form, a kind of service. The word has grown freighted with negative connotations. An individualistic self-gratifying culture cannot easily equate contentment with being at someone else’s call. We are used to loving others in return for what they can do for us, for their capacity to entertain, charm or soothe us. Yet babies can do precisely nothing. There is, as slightly older children sometimes conclude with a sense of serious discomfort, no ‘point’ to them; that is their point. They teach us to give without expecting anything in return, simply because they need help badly - and we are in a position to provide it. We are inducted into a love based not on an admiration for strength, but on a compassion for weakness, a vulnerability common to every member of the species and one which has been and will eventually again be our own. Because it is always tempting to overemphasise autonomy and independence, these helpless creatures are here to remind us that no one is, in the end, ‘self-made’; we are all heavily in someone’s debt. We realise that life depends - quite literally - on the capacity for love.

‘We learn, too, that being another’s servant is not humiliating, quite the opposite, for it sets us free from the wearying responsibility of continuously catering to our own twisted, insatiable natures. We learn the relief and privilege of being granted something more important to live for than ourselves.'

- from The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

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The Mastery Club Tip of the Month

"If you tell somebody stories about high achievement just before they perform some test or exercise, they will perform better than if you had not told them those stories. If you merely use the words, 'succeed', 'master', and 'achieve' in a sentence, they will do better."

- David Brooks, The Social Animal – A Story of How Success Happens

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