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The WHOLE News - May 2017

My name is Meg I am 7 years old I read the Mastery Club with my Mum we have nearly finished it and I'm looking forward to reading the next book.  What I like about the Mastery Club is that it is encouraging, powerful, words I thought of about it are happy, excited, excellent, spectacular, kindness, loving.  I know I have the power in me to do anything that I want I keep thinking "see the invisible, hear the silent, do the impossible". I am currently in the middle of changing schools I asked Mum to look at new schools because I felt like I was ready to move from where I was and meet some new friends and learn more things. I feel like the book has helped me be able to do this.  Love Meg x

- I'm so glad! Meg's mother Amy shared how impressed she was with Meg's clarity and responsibility about moving schools. Love it.

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The Mastery Club Tip of the Month

"If you tell somebody stories about high achievement just before they perform some test or exercise, they will perform better than if you had not told them those stories. If you merely use the words, 'succeed', 'master', and 'achieve' in a sentence, they will do better."

- David Brooks, The Social Animal – A Story of How Success Happens

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