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The WHOLE News - May 2017

I'm delighted to welcome our new Trainee Facilitator, Dr Elie Bankineza!

 Elie BankinezaElie Bankineza is a medical doctor in Mali, Africa, who learnt about The Mastery Club from a Bob Proctor consultant. (Thank you to Stuart and Georgia for spreading the word!)

Having spent some years working with youth as a Sunday School Teacher, Elie came across Rhonda Burns' book, The Secret, and from there became fascinated to learn as much as he could about universal laws. He is currently training with Bob Proctor and will soon qualify as a Thinking Into Results Consultant.

Elie has learnt many of the lessons taught in The Mastery Club the hard way. He left his home country of Burundi as a refugee when he was eight years old, and spent some years in the Republic of Congo before settling in Mali and training as a doctor. He is today the Director of a program against malaria. 

Elie is clearly a ‘mover and shaker’! Not only did he leave a lasting impression on many of his church Sunday School students – several have remained in touch with him even after moving overseas – but he instigated the first Toastmasters group in Mali and now there are close to a dozen clubs.

This man is clearly a leader, and I’m delighted to welcome him as a Mastery Club Trainee Facilitator. (We might even soon see a French translation of The Mastery Club, since that is Mali’s first language… I’ll be delighted about that, too, since French is my second language!)

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"If you tell somebody stories about high achievement just before they perform some test or exercise, they will perform better than if you had not told them those stories. If you merely use the words, 'succeed', 'master', and 'achieve' in a sentence, they will do better."

- David Brooks, The Social Animal – A Story of How Success Happens

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