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The WHOLE News - September 2017

When asked if they would recommend the program, 57 out of 57 students said YES.

When asked if they felt this information was useful to them at this point in time, all 57 said YES.

When asked how they would use the material in the future, 56 gave specific uses; the 57th said she is already applying these concepts in her life...

Follow the link to read all the answers. 

Excerpts (verbatim) from the Evaluation forms of three classes of 17-18 year old students who attended the first pilot program of The Mastery Club™ 10 Lessons Program, conducted at Parkway South High School, Missouri, USA, by Mastery Club Trainee Facilitator, Joan Marie. 


Yes, if they are into this stuff. - A

Absolutely! - A

Yes, if you take it seriously it is very helpful to learn this stuff – now and for the rest of your life. - A

Yes! - A

Yes! Yes! I love this course and it has taught me so much & this is the only class I look forward to. - A 

Yes definitely, I think that has been helpful in helping me to become a better person and more in tune with myself. - A

Yes. - A 

Yes; absolutely! - A


Yes! It was a great journey and it helps you a lot personally. It was a lot of useful information. - B

Yes. - B

Of course. It’s important that everyone learns to use the exercises that you have taught us so far. - B

Definatly! - C

Yes, because it has helped me a lot in most aspects of my life. - C

Yep; it’s pretty good stuff, and applies to anyone. - C

It’s fun and useful. - D 

Yes, I think it is very helpful. We are just about to enter college and the ‘real world’ and it helps to learn these things to prepare us. - D

Yes, it has already been helpful in my life and I can see it helping me more in the future. - E

Yes, it changes your outlook on life (for the better). - E

Yes. - G 

Yes, already have. - H

Yes I would, it’s entertaining and thought-provoking. - I

Yes everyone needs to know this stuff. It could change their life forever! Seriously. - J

Yes. - J

Of course! - J

Of course! Everyone needs a reminder that their goals are totally possible if they really put some effort into it. - J

Sure. It’s good to look at things, good and bad, and most people don’t know that. - K 

Yes, b/c its inspirational, even if you may not believe all of it. - K

Yes, this course really helped me to learn the value of dreams and goals. - K

ABSOLUTELY! It is SO eye opening. I am so grateful for having learned this. - K

Heck yes I would! This is life-changing if you choose to actually apply what we talked about in class to real life. - K

Absolutely. - K

Yes. I told my mom my brother & sister are taking this class whether they want to or not. - K

Yes, this is definitely one of the more interesting classes I’ve taken. - K

Oh my gosh yes! Yes! Yes! I think it should be a required class. - L

Yes. - L

I would definetly [sic] recommend this to others. People need to see the good in things to have hope for the future. - L

I would recommend this course to anyone and already recommended it to many. - M 

I would most definetly [sic] recommend this to othe [sic] students everybody should take this class before leaving High School. - M 

Yes b/c they always say everything happens for a reason, you can either learn for it or dwell on it. - M

Yes, I think it would be very helpful for others to learn. It could probably help them either now or later in life. - M

Yes. - M

Yes. - M

Yes, it really shows the power of the mind. - M 

Yes, lots of wisdom in your stories. - M

Of course! I would recommend anyone take this [course]. - N

Yes - very inspiring & influential! - P

Yes because it helps people have a positive outlook on life. - R

Yes! - S

Definitely because it is an eye-opener. - S

Yes, Its been awesome. - T

I would recommend this course to others in order to gain necessary experience to achieve what you want in life. - T

Yes - its very important & helpful. - T

Yes. Anyone will benefit from this information. - T

Yes! - T

Yes. - Y

I would recommend it, because it is amazing how much we accidentally prevent ourselves from achieving our goals, & it teaches you how to be a better person in general. - anon.   



Sure. - A

Yes, it has me setting goals for myself & taking the steps to get there. - A

Yes! Very relevant for us. Self-talk! - A

Yes. - A

I believe it did. Even though I am young I needed something after break to help me get back on track after my grandma died. In all honesty this class has been the best I tell everyone about it. - A

Yes, I think a lot of people could benefit from goal setting and self talk because many right now do not have a lot of positivity or set goals. - A

I honestly wasn’t sure when I entered the class if I was gonna like it. Turned out, entering the class was a blessing. I am in that part of my life where I’m figuring out who I am and where I want to be in life. I’m in that stage of battling with myself. And having all the informations I’ve learned and heard from this class has been nothing but helpful and inspiring. - A  

Absolutely. Learning how to do these now will help mastering them in the future. - A 

Yes, a lot of kids my age need this kind of guidance and these skills we are learning in this class. - B 

Yes. It feels like it’s helping me remind myself of what I want. - B

I feel like it was but it should be offered for more diverse ages. - B

Yes! I feel like this was the perfect time to introduce this material because we are at that stage in our lives when we have to figure out our future. - C 

Most of it. Some of it will only be used when we’re older but most of it is applicable now. - C 

Yes; adolescence is a time of turmoil and self-doubt and this kind of class is great at reinvigorating the spirit and giving us a little bit of hope as we cross that teenage-adult threshold. - C 

Sure. - D

I think the course helps you learn how to better yourself and your future. - D

Yes, because at every age you should be able to achieve your goals, and you can always dream. - E

Yes, it has helped me to learn to live a better life and helped me to not be afraid of the future since I will be going off to college next year. - E

Very much so! I’ve been feeling very lost lately and this class has given me some guidance. - G

I’m glad that I got it now because I really needed it. - H

The majority of us are about to go off to college so I believe it’s extremely helpful to me in choosing my goals. - I

Yes, I knew most of it from the book and movie The Secret. - J

Yes, this is a very confusing and complex time for most people. It’s nice to know others are going through the same stuff. - J

Yes, I do feel this information was helpful b/c at our age, being teenagers, we need positive things in our life b/c we are going thru some kinds of struggles. - J

Definitely. It kind of helps you really rethink what you want. It’s definitely helpful to resort your priorities before heading of [sic] to college and choosing a major that you might not enjoy. - J

Yes, because I think my age is a pretty good age to start understanding myself and things like that. In Psych we were talking about development and currently we [teenagers] are in the Identity stage. - K

Very helpful. - K

Yes I feel this information was very helpful and will help me with future decisions. - K

Absolutely. It was very eye opening and helped me feel better about myself and my life and my goals/dreams. - K

Heck yeah I do! Right now is when I’m entering the world, so I will need to know how [to] stay positive & also how to be successful. - K

Yes. As an artist, learning this is very important. - K

It was perfect for seniors because I feel pressured to choose one thing to do when in this class I can do anything. - K

Yes. - K

So helpful! And it helps to have someone so passionate and happy teaching it to us! [Joan Marie] - L

Yes, now is a good time to look for goals. - L

This information has been helpful! Its made me realize what I want and start to work for tit so I can achive [sic] it. - L

Yes, because I feel it will help me understand how important it is to make my future as happy as possible for myself. - M 

Most definetly. - M

Yes it helps you make a future and learn to help wi [sic] problems. - M

Yes. - M

Yes. - M

Yes because this is the time where we start thinking about our futures a little more seriously. - M

Yes, it changed my perspective a bit for the better. - M

Absolutely, it was. It was very eye opening to what my mind & body can do. - N

Yes. Epesically [sic] since I am a senior & about to go after my goals out in the real world. - P

Yes it has been helpful for me. - R

Yes. - S

Yes because it has helping me prepare for my future. [sic] - S

Yes, it’s actually really important, especially with all of the struggles of high school. - S

Yes. This is when people start to create dreams and passions. Its perfect. - T

While I think this information ahs been helpful at my current age, I believe it will more relevant to me later in life. - T 

Yes - it was all very interesting. - T

Yes, especially because I’m about to graduate. - T

Yes, I think learning this at my age when people are starting to think about college. It helps to find what I wanted to do. - T

Yes; may be more applicable later on. - Y

Yes, because this is the age that making & achieving your goals can affect us most for the rest of our lives. Also if we learn this stuff now we can use it to our advantage later in life, & it will be helpful for us to grow & learn from things we are faced with. - anon.   



It has definitely changed my thinking. While most of the ‘energy stuff’ is kind of out there, the mental reinforcement is really helpful in self control and determination. - A

Never let anyone take away your passion. “To be creative you must lose the fear of being wrong” I want to get a tattoo of that. I learned that once you set your mind to a goal, you have to focus on it and try to really make it happen. - A

I am going to be using a lot of it in my near future! I am taking time improve myself before college. I want to start spending more time with God and stop cussing – among other things. I will use visualization, smart goals, and affirmations to assist my achievements. - A

I already use the visualization of my goal to hep me calm down and relax. Most other things I will use because they are actually my own values and beliefs. - A

Every word [Dr Demartini] says is so true. There are no words for it because he said it just how I would. Perfectly! - A
[re: ‘Even the most terrible events’ quote.] 

I think I can use the power of self talk to help me later on, as well as goal setting because too often goals are set that are never achieved because they are not simple and there are no clear action steps. Setting goals and having an affirmation has been helpful, as has the idea of looking for both the good and bad in things instead of dwelling only on the bad. I now can turn them into good thing sand benefit from it. - A

Not every bad things meant harm or any negativity that will come out of it, sometimes bad things are meant to happen for something better to come along. - A

I think that there will be times in my life when I am feeling sad where I find myself doing a power pose or visualising my goal because it has really helped me thus far in the course. - AI already use it now! But I think I’ll definetly use it when my business just can’t start up & I keep meeting obstacles that will make my goal seem impossible. I’ll tell myself that if I keep visualising and trying I will get there! - A

I will use it to help me get to where I want to be in life. I will use it to keep me inspired, to keep me determined. throught [sic] my life and on my journey to my goal. - B

Use it for goal settings and working hard. - B

 This course has taught me so much about goals and striving for success. I think even years from now, I’ll be using this class and these lessons to further myself as a person. - B

This course really helped me to open my mind and think more positively about my future. Now I am confident that I will be able to achieve any goal I put my mind on. - C

I think it’s applicable in every situation of my life. The daily affirmation has really helped me a lot with being more confident and happier. - C

I will likely apply it to whatever goal I am pursuing, whether it be in becoming a psychologist or publishing a book or some such thing. The visualization and overall self-affirming nature of the class will see infinitely many places for application, and chances are I will employ its wisdom as many times as possible. - C

I can use it to visualize and help myself achive [sic] goals in the future by using this stuff and learning that my future goals are just as possible as the ones I have now and that I can do anything if I set my heart to it. I think the things we learned can help me to do what I want and maybe I can teach others to get to this place where they can do anything. - D

I think the positive self talk will help me in the future a lot. We tend to put ourselves down tremendously and our self esteem suffers from it. - D

I will remember to look at the bright side of things. I will also apply all that I have learned in order to achieve my goals. I have learned what needs to happen for this to come true and I will apply it. - E

This material will help me to know in the future that I can get my dream job of working in the fashion world. Believing and having the confidence and motivation will help me to achieve my job. This course will also help me to know that people are going to bring you down, but you just need to let go of negativity and live a life of happiness and that is what I am going to do. - E

It will help me to goal set and follow through. Also how to positive influence myself and others. Not to sway to the thoughts of other people, and instead do what I feel is right. - G

When I fall short of a goal, or something negative happens to a family or a friend I can look at the ‘hidden blessing’ in it. - H

I aspire to succeed and achieve my goals and the lessons taught in this class will help me preservere [sic] and keep working towards it. These classes are steps towards my goal. - I

To better my life and I realize I can do anything - Especially enjoy life. Like I said life is what you make it to be. Make it hard, that’s exactly what it’ll be. Why spend life angry when you could enjoy every second of it. Put a smile on! Turn the frown upside down. [to the Demartini quote: Yes, their [sic] really is a bright side to every situation.] - J

Staying positive and understanding […] of the world. - J

The main thing I got out of this lesson was that no matter who you are or what you do, you can do anything. I will use this material & any time I am feeling down or feel like I can’t do anything, I’m going to say, “I can do it.” - J

I think I can definitely push myself to really go after my goals instead of just giving up when it doesn’t work out right away. It takes a lot of work to achive [sic] something that will make you truly happy & satisfied with yourself. - J

I’m not sure. I feel like I am going to continue doing what I always do. Which I believe that some of these teachings are already in what I do. - K

I would use that to remind myself that even though bad things happen, they all happen for a reason. I don’t know if I really believe that though but if something bad does happen to me, to remind myself that it will all pay and to stay positive about the future. - K

I know that I will write down my goal and visualize now I am going to achive [sic] it. This has really helped me towards my goal so far. I also will look back upon the stories you have told us and remember to keep going and not care about what others say when it comes to dreams. - K

Don’t let bad events knock you down. There will always be a bump in the road. But the difference between some is who will overcome that bump and move forward, and those who will have demise from it I want to be the ‘master who remains undisturbed’. - K

I will use everything I learned in this class in the future! Using the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting technique will help me to achieve more of my goals. Also, knowing that you actually have to believe in your self to achieve goals will not only help me be more confident, but I will be more successful knowing it too. It’s important to know that nothing is perminent [sic] just like nothing is truely [sic] solid. I can always change the situation I’m in if I don’t like it. Lastly, I will always look at the bright side of things. Self talk is very important so it should be positive even if I don’t like what is happening. - K

I will and have used what I’ve learned when I make music. I feel that confidence and positive thinking are the most important things you can learn in life. - K

My self talk has only improved & I am going to keep making it better. I think the visualising will help me really light a fire under my butt all my life to go acheive [sic] my goals. And this class makes me realize how many goals I have & that I’m going to do them. - K

If sometimes bad or negative happens to me, I’ll try to find the ‘hidden blessing’ or positive side to it. - K

I already see myself using it! I love all of the amazing things you have taught me so far, like the power poses! I use that all the time and I’ll share that knowledge with others. It’s so uplifting and I can’t wait to learn more! - L

It will help me stay focused on my goal even if someone tells me I should stop. - L

I am currently using this to try and see the good in my situation right now. Because at my ACL tare [tear?], there is a lot of pain coming that I have to overcome. And the positive is that I am not complaining about stuff as much because nothing could be as bad as surgery. I will also be really proud of myself when it’s all over and this will only make me want to make varsity more next year. - L

I will use this entire course to help me be more happy and successful, I will also pass the information on to others. I hope to share it with my children one day and my little brother so that he can live a more happy life because he is very precious to me. - M

I will you [sic] most of it. I will remember all about - affirmations - the stories - the journey - vision boards - gratitude - visualization - I will use these when making goals and continuing on with life and getting through my schooling. - M

Apply it to my life to hep me reach my goals. Also apply it to situtions [sic] where I may need help one this course I feel like helps me keep my priorities stright [sic] and doesn’t let me forget the importants of life. - M

Well from this and my own experiences I know even when bad things happen, good can come from it. We just have to accept what happens and learn from it, make the better of it, that sistuation [sic]. - M

If I’m ever down in the dumps I’ll visualize something and do a power pose. - M

I will use this material in my future. It will help me through hard times when all else seems lost. It will help my motivation & push me through what is stop me from my goals. - M

Try to center myself in every situation - look and [sic] the bad and good in every situation before I respond to an event. Also know that in the end, all the pieces in my life will come together and make sense. I can do ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO!! - M

I will look more thouroughly [sic] for the good in bad things, but also examine the good things for hidden consequences. I’ll use visualizing as a relaxation technique as well as the deep breathing. I always seem to be buzzing around the house and slowing down could be really beneficial. - M

I can use this in my future when I become an art teacher because I can teach my students all of this & how to be more CREATIVE & POSITIVE. - N

Whenever something bad happens, always keeping faith & hope b/c the situation could turn around at any minute, & is probably teaching me a valuable lesson. - P

I will use it to examine life events more closely & try to find the good in all things. This course will hep me to not dwell on bad events but to try to be positive. - R

I will forever keep my notebook [from this class] and continue to add to it. I also learned to visualize and actually set small goals in order to achieve [sic] a greater one. Throughout my life people always say you can do anything you want in life, but this class really broke it up and described how you can do this. - S

Every positive has a negative BUT every negative has a positive. - S

I would use it to stay focused on my goals, and to make me a stronger person. - S

Yes! - S

By not getting so upset when bad things happen and except [sic] them - and learn, that if you don’t experience the bad things, you might not experience that the good thing that could change your life forever. - T

I think the whole visualizing and planning your success is awesome and not something I would usually do, but find myself doing it now. - T

I believe that I will use the learned material from this course to maintain focus on the things I want in life as opposed to the things I can’t have and create an effective method to achieve them. - T

I think I will now be aware of how I handle situations (good or bad) more than the situations themselves. My thoughts me a huge difference in the way those situations turn out. I am a generally positive person but this material showed me how powerful my thoughts are and that I need to look for the good in everything. - T

I will try to find the good in things instead of focusing on all the bad things. And I will try to be happier more. - T

I think I will recognize the good things in the bad and vice versa in the future and not worry as much. - Y 

I will definitly [sic] use visualization, for all parts of my life to help me see my goal & narrow in on it & for motivation. I will also continue using changing body language & power poses because they can be extremely helpful for many things. Changing self talk to be more positive is also useful for all parts of life, & I will definitly [sic] continue doing that. - anon      

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