Discover the Magical Power of Choice

Imagine jumping on a train or a bus and then just going wherever it's going - be pretty dumb, wouldn't it? It's absolutely obvious to us in our physical lives that we need to choose our direction and make sure we're taking the actions that will get us there. But it's not always so obvious at other levels.

Sometimes we might WANT to go to 'Healthy Body' but we take the actions that lead to 'Unhealthy Body'. So there needs to be a good match/alignment between what we SAY we want and what we DO, and that starts with making a clear and conscious choice.

If we consciously choose 'Healthy  Body' because we're sure that's what we want, it will be much easier to do the Healthy Body actions than if we just say we want 'Healthy Body' but actually want 'Sugar and Fat Taste Sensations'.

If you imagine the Healthy Body goal and you see a picture of yourself slim and fit and feeling light and vital, you'll probably be quite attracted to that goal and want to make it come true, especially if you deliberately build the idea. On the other hand, if you imagine yourself tucking into fries and pizza and flavoured ice cream with gusto, you'll probably be attracted to that scenario and want to make IT come true...

The more imagination you put into the thing you're focused on, the more attractive it becomes.

So choosing requires some thought. We need to ask ourselves WHAT we want to experience  and WHY - to check if we're prepared to pay the price of having it.

SANDY (glumly): You're sounding like my Dad, talking about 'paying the price'.

NINA: Well, he's right. Things don't just land in your lap. You've got to put out some energy. What you put out comes back to you, right?

SANDY (reluctantly): Yeah...

NINA: If you want to be a top football player or gymnast or whatever, you're going to have to do heaps of training.

NATALIE: What about that basketball experiment when the ones who only imagined succeeding did just as well as the ones who practised?

NINA (scratching her head): Well, I think it must be about balance. You probably can't do brilliantly at something if you never do it in the physical. It would probably take much longer to build muscle just doing it in your mind. So I guess you need both: physical effort and mental effort. The thing is, the more of the mental you do, the more easily the physical happens.

CLARE: That's what happened with maths for me. The more I imagined getting through maths exercises and tests quickly and easily and the more often I could visualise getting great results, the easier it got. It was weird.

NINA: Yeah: Wild Exciting Inspiring Real and Do-able.

SANDY: What???!!!

NINA: WEIRD: Wild, Exciting, Inspiring, Real and Do-able. Anyway, it makes sense that if you get excited about junk food and keep thinking about it that you'll just keep wanting to eat it and then that becomes your goal. But if you get really excited about feeling fit and terrific, you'll make that your goal. True?

BILLY: Yeah. So what if you want to be Healthy but you want to eat junk?

NINA: Ah. Good question. Then you've got to build your desire for Health.


NINA: You can start by making a list of 100 reasons why you want to be Healthy.

SANDY (groaning): I thought it would be something like that.

NINA (sternly): You want a great result, you gotta put in some energy, right?

SANDY (making a face): Yeah, yeah...

NINA: And the goal you set has to be something you REALLY want - not something you think you SHOULD want. If you really want it, you'll put some love into it and that's where the power of attracting it to you comes from.

CLARE: But I didn't love maths.

NINA: No; you loved the idea of doing it easily. And of pleasing your mum, right?

CLARE (blushing): How did you know?

NINA (shrugs): It doesn't matter. I just guessed. So if a thing is really important to you, you'll be able to put your love and energy into it and you'll want to imagine it and all of that will bring it to you much faster. It's all about Lurv.

BILLY: Lurv??

NINA: Love, you dork.

SANDY: So you're telling me that Love brings things to me.

NINA: Yep.

SANDY: That's weird.

NINA: Yep. Wild, Exciting, Inspiring, Real and Do-able.

SANDY: YOU are Weird.

NINA: Yep. Wild, Exciting, Inspiring -

They all jumped on Nina then, so we'll leave them there. Hope you got some insights from this brief exploration of the CHOOSE Step. So remember, Choose Consciously. Check that you're willing to put some energy into the thing you want and that you truly want it. Knowing why will help.

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