Step UCAN ‘N’ Step: NOW… LET GO

Sky Dive to Success – Let Go!

Have you heard the expression: "If you love something, let it go. If it's yours, it will come back to you; if it doesn't, it never was"?

That saying is a pretty good summary of the 'Now... Let Go' Principle.

If you hold your hand in a fist, you'll notice that there's no way you can take hold of anything. It's only when we relax our grip and open up our hand that we can receive.

But what are you supposed to let go of? Not your goal. And not the actions you're taking.

You let go of trying to make it happen. This is where trust comes in. You've got to trust that if the thing you want is really going to be good for you and all concerned, that it will come about in perfect timing. That takes some trust, but what I've noticed is that when something doesn't happen when I want it to, in retrospect I can almost always see why. I usually wouldn't have been ready to receive that thing anyway.

CLARE: That's what Nina told us to put on our treasure maps: "For the highest good of all concerned".

NINA: Yep. You gotta trust.

SANDY: How do you stop worrying and wondering about it?

NINA: I sort of distract myself. When I'm sure that I've set a clear goal and I can feel it coming true and I'm doing what I can in the physical world, I start playing this kind of game to distract myself. You know how you see mothers with babies and toddlers who are about to cry suddenly get really busy giving them things to hold or pointing things out to them or something to distract them?

CLARE: Yeah...

NINA: Well, that's kind of what I do. If I catch myself worrying about it, I just say my affirmation again, then I say, "That's handled now", and I make myself pay attention to something totally different.

NATALIE: You know how you call God 'G.O.D. - the Grand Organising Design or Designer'? So it's sort of like there's some organising that needs to happen to bring all the right people and things together to make your dream come true. So you've got to sort of get out of the way so it can happen.

NINA: Exactly. You have to give G.O.D. a chance to orchestrate the whole thing without you constantly in there pulling up the baby seedling to see how much it's grown.

BILLY (with feeling): Which is not easy when you've screwed up along the way and slowed everything down.

NINA: Sometimes it LOOKS LIKE we've screwed up, but remember that obstacles are there to build our muscle - either mental muscle to build more will power, or physical muscle. In the end, it all serves.

BILLY: Yeah, I know.

NINA: This is a really great time to be doing lots of gratitude for the thing you want. The more you say thank you for it - and mean it - the faster it comes. There's a line in the Bible that goes: "Ask, believing you have received, and the thing you want is yours". Or something like that. But seriously, feeling grateful knocks out any worry because how you can worry if you're going to get something that you've already said thank you for because you know it's coming?!!

BILLY: Come again?!

SANDY (butting in): I guess that's what I did before I got the role I wanted in The Wizard of Oz. I gave up; just let it go. And the next thing I knew, I had it.

NINA: Have you heard about people who want to have babies and can't, and then they adopt one, and right after that they have a baby?

CLARE (excited): My aunt was like that! They wanted a baby for ten years and couldn't have one, and so they adopted this gorgeous little boy, Mikey, and the next thing, Lisa was pregnant!

NINA: Yep. She just let go worrying and bingo.

NATALIE: But what about when you don't get the thing you want? Because people don't always get it, do they, even when they understand these principles?

NINA: That's right. And that's when Super Trust comes in. You've got to trust that G.O.D. knows what's best for you and only wants what's good for you.

SANDY: Not always easy.

NINA: No. The thing is, G.O.D.'s mission is to give us what we need to grow, rather than all the stuff we want for our momentary pleasure.

SANDY: That doesn't sound very appealing, if you ask me.

NINA: Put it this way: if you growing meant you becoming smarter, stronger, more talented, more loving, more powerful, more creative, richer, having more friends... would you want it?

SANDY: If you put it that way it sounds all right.

NINA: Whereas you might want chocolate ice cream right now and to stay up all night watching TV...

SANDY (suspiciously): This G.O.D. sounds a bit like a parent.

NINA (grinning): Only the most loving, wanting-the-best-for-you kind of parent.

BILLY: That's what they all say.

NATALIE: The thing is, I suppose, that our parents are just human and they can stuff up, but G.O.D. has the BIG picture and knows absolutely truly what is best.            

CLARE: So if it's not coming to us, either we're not ready for it or it's not right for us.

NINA: Exactly.

Which is where we'll leave this conversation for now. There's lots more to learn and discover, so if you haven't yet ordered your copy of The Mastery Club, I hope these snippets have stirred your interest sufficiently to take that step. If you have read the book and you’ve enjoyed these extra bits, let me know! And I'm sure I can ask those guys to share their thoughts again later.

We've covered the UCAN Principle: that first you must UNDERSTAND the principles of conscious creation, then you must CHOOSE your focus, APPLY the tools and take ACTION, and finally, NOW... let go, trust, and let G.O.D.

Now perhaps you're ready to start your own Club, and inspire other young people to achieve their dreams. So if that interests you, watch out for your next email which will provide some guidelines for, “How to Start Your Own Mastery Club”.

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